It’s no secret that Florida homes are lust-worthy just for the location. And with a few simple home renovations, you can boost your home’s value even more and elevate it above the rest even in the most crowded marketplace. With our expertise, you’ll leave guests envious and buyers willing to pay a premium to make your old space their new home.

Look around, now look up and down.
The most obvious detail about your home is the paint and flooring. If the walls are a bit dingy, maybe it’s time to give it a fresh coat of paint. Liven up the space with bright neutrals or give your home some personality with accent walls! And while you’re picking the paint color, don’t neglect your ceilings. Do you still have outdated popcorn ceilings? It’s 2021 and time to give them a smoother, more modern finish.

Once you’ve refreshed your walls, it’s time to look down at the flooring. Do you still have linoleum or carpet? Linoleum can dull over time and carpet can trap bacteria and become matted. Beautiful wooden floors are a timeless choice. If you already have them, think of the last time you had them polished. After all, there’s nothing like the new floor feeling!

Pro-tip: If you’re looking into upgrading your wall situation, take into account the entire home experience. If you find that you have noisy neighbors, consider also adding some sound-proofing insulation whether it’s inside the walls or as decorative pieces along with the home.

Renovations Irvine

Double up on space!
We take pride in being able to survive in the tiniest of spaces, but while that may be true when we travel, it doesn’t have to be true for our homes. Consider that the average Florida apartment is less than 1000 sq ft. and you can easily see why buyers would pay a premium on homes that have more space, especially in the city.

While the first step to creating more space in your home is decluttering, there is also some renovation magic that can be done. For example, consider removing walls that are no longer serving you. Do you really need that wall between the kitchen and the living room? If you can fit your appliances against a single wall, breaking down that wall might be a good option for you to open up the space. If not, you might be able to replace the wall with a kitchen island that doubles as a breakfast bar for a functional, space-saving solution.

If you’re happy with the walls, take a look at your storage spaces. Do you have enough built-in shelves or is there potential for more? Since square footage in Florida comes at a premium, consider low-key hidden and built-in storage for a chance to make your home look bigger. If you already have tons of storage, put in dividers to take your shelves and drawers to the next level.

If all else fails, hang a large mirror. Mirrors are great for reflecting light and making spaces look twice as big. Bonus points if the mirror blends into the environment with creative use of molding or framing!

Bathroom remodeling

If water flows through it, fix it!
Ask any evaluator and they’ll tell you that the rooms with the highest return on renovations are the kitchen and the bathroom. So, as a general rule, it’s a great idea to replace worn-out counters in both rooms – check out this article on some great countertop options!

Aside from cosmetic changes, upgrade your plumbing – it’s the last thing prospective homeowners want to sink their money into. Is the water pressure in your bathroom sink less than ideal? Does the toilet have trouble flushing? Make sure you look into fixing these problem areas before staging your home for sale to avoid disappointing prospective buyers. After all, most are looking for homes that are move-in ready, not for a place where they’ll pay for months of utilities that they then have to fix themselves. And depending on how old your apartment is, consider switching outdated faucets for sparkling modern ones.

Pro-Tip: Don’t neglect your shower or bath! A shower could be a great space-saving option that is also easily accessible, while a bath is a luxury that families with small children cannot afford to live without.


As for the kitchen, consider delighting them with new appliances. Keep in mind that many apartments in the crowded Florida market tend to have brand new stovetops, microwaves, and sinks. Just by replacing yellowed appliances with energy-efficient, modern fixtures – especially in the kitchen – your home just regained its competitive edge. Read what we have to say on modern kitchen renovations for even more ideas!